Guidance for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

The MacArthur Foundation approaches all of our work dynamically. Our plans are never static. As such, we anticipate that applicants to 100&Change will offer plans that are also dynamic. We place a high priority on monitoring, evaluation, and learning. We value monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities that are capable of adapting, as the context and project work evolves, yet sufficiently rigorous to document and measure results, learn from them, course correct, and adapt, as necessary. If you are selected as a 100&Change Finalist, you will be required to submit a detailed plan that demonstrates the thinking for monitoring, evaluation, and learning. If awarded the grant, the grantee will provide a final version of the monitoring, evaluation, and learning plan to the Foundation following a six-month discovery period.

Please take time to understand how the MacArthur Foundation defines monitoring, evaluation, and Learning and familiarize yourself with the questions that a Finalist will need to address.

The 100&Change award recipient may conduct an internal evaluation. An internal evaluation is conducted by an internal evaluator which is an individual or group/team that is a member of your project team or organization/collaboration. The Foundation requires that the 100&Change award recipient engages in an external evaluation. The external evaluation is to be conducted by an external evaluator (an individual or group/team that is not a member of your project or organization/collaboration). That cost of your internal and external evaluation should be reflected in your 100&Change budget as a line item. We understand that your evaluation plan may be subject to further refinement once you’ve identified your external evaluator.